Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Beach - ftu

Scrapkit - Seabreeze by Peace - HERE
Mask - round mask of choice
Tube - Anna Liwanag with CDO - HERE

Open Round frame and image/canvas size/700x700
P7 - apply mask of choice/merge group
Grab your freehand tool and trace the frame/invert/paste p8/delete and pull below frame
Water - place right hand side at bottom of frame
The following will go below frame and excess will be erased:
Palmtree - resize 85% -
Beach table - resize 45%
Lighthouse - resize 35%
Grass - resize 45% - add a couple to your liking
Merge all visible and move up some so you can place your tube
beachsign - resize 40% - place right of frame
Bird1 - resize 60%
Sand1 - resize 70%
Beachgrass -resize 60% place bottom of frame/duplicate/image/mirror
Shells -resize 35% and place
Place your tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Serenity - PTU

Scrapkit - TTD - Weathered can grab HERE
Template - #1 by me - HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube - Alehandra Vanhek @ S&CO HERE
I always start at the bottom and work up
Remember to ds as you go
Delete copyright layer
Paper of choice/apply mask/merge group
1 - p1
2 - p16
3&4 - flood fill color of choice if you desire
 and add inner bevel
5 - p4
6 - flood fill color of choice
Add same inner bevel
7&9 - p3
8&10 - flood fill same color
Add same inner bevel
E1-- - place bottom
E81/image/mirror - place on rh side
E65 - resize 45% - place top rh side
E11 - resize 45%
E20 -resize 35%
E51 - resize 30%
E64 - resize 25%
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed and add proper copyright

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Template #1

Made a template to use in my newest can grab the template HERE

You can email me at if you use this template in a creation..I will gladly display your creation. Thanks for checking out this template

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bright - PTU

Scrapkit - TTD "Sunburst" HERE
Mask - Ashley Mask #79 - HERE
Tube - Dean Yeagle - CDO HERE
Please remember to leave a thank you when downloading
Remember to ds as you go
Open E49/image/canvas size/700x00
P3 - apply mask/merge group
Place your tube inside frames
E56 - resize 110% - place on top of E49 - merge down
E95 - place bottom
E98 - place bottome63 - resize 45%
E105 - paste bottom
E207 - resize 45% - place left and move to layer above tube
E204 - resize 60% and place top right of frame below the tube layer
E98 - resize 45% and place on top of E204
E175 - resize 40%
E124 - resize 40% ( we will be putting flowers in this element)
E20 - resize 25% - image./mirror/flip   position at bottom of E124
E125 - resize 35%
E3 - resize 5%
Merge these 2 together and x out for now
Grab your freehand selection tool and draw around the opening of the pot
like so
Hit invert - open your flowers layer and erase what is below the lip of the pot
Merge visible/resize/crop/add proper copyright

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Purple - PTU - quick and simple

Scrap kit is Delicate from Bella - HERE  (right now it is only .55 cents)
Tube - with close up...I used Vadis from PFD HERE

Open new image/transparent 700x700
DS as you go
E44 - resize 80%
Paste on canvas
Arrange as beginning of a frame
Paste again, image/free rotate/90/right
Position as I have it
Merge these 4 together
Grab magic wand and click inside your frame/expand by 8/invert/paste p11/delete and drag paper below frame
E14 - resize 40% - paste right top corner/duplicate/image/mirror
E14 - resize again by 85%
Place left hand side of frame/duplicate/image/mirror and place
close out your paper layer/merge all visible
Open paper layer and add tube of choice
Here you do what you like with your tube
Merge visible/resize 80%
Image/canvas size/700x700
Add paper of choice
Apply mask of choice
Crop/add proper copyright and you are done

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

FTU Cluster

I always love the kits Laura makes at Tiny Turtle is a cluster I made using her free kit "Delicate Noon" Just right click on cluster to save

Delicate - FTU

Scrapkit - TTD free - Delicate Noon - HERE
Template - HERE
Tube - Zlata_M @PFD HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer, stars, and all text layers
As always, start at bottom and work up
DS as you go
Merge purple layers together - p10
Skip next 2 layers
Merge circles together - p12
Lg Pink - p2
Lg black - p6
Merge blue rect together - p22
Merge black rect together - p25
Lg purple - p28
White backs - add noise
Merge sm blue rect - p1
Fritillary layer - Adjust/hue-saturation with 135 &173
White squares - add noise
Merge pink together - p27
Image/canvas size to 700x700
I placed my tube so I could position flowers
E64 - drag below tube layer
E38- move above tube layer
E101 - resize 40%
E102 - resize 40%
E122 - resize 30%
E120 - resize 30%
E121 - resize 30%
E107 - resize 40%
E75 _ resize 30%
E76 - resize 25%
E23 - resize 35%
E32 - resize 20%
E7 - resize 20%
Merge all visible/resize/add proper copyright

Beach - ftu

Scrapkit - Seabreeze by Peace -  HERE Mask - round mask of choice Tube - Anna Liwanag with CDO -  HERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O...