Monday, January 27, 2020

Verona - FTU

Scrapkit - Garden of Verona - HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube - VMT - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
Open P8 and apply mask of choice
E12 - position in middle
E127 - place left
E30 - resize 40%
E76 - resize 40% and position top left
Place tube where you feel looks best...if need be, move elements around to work
Crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Single AF - FTU

Scrapkit - Pinksplotion - HERE
Tube - Zindy - HERE  Please use proper copyright
Open template....delete copyright layer
As always, I start at the bottom and work my way up
Remember to DS as you go
Image/canvas size/800x800
Delete ribbon and rectangle layers
Paper19 - apply mask of choice/merge group
Gradient circle - skip
Black dotted circle - p3
Dark pink circle - p6
Pink circle - p13
Effect - Xero/fritillary/10,33.19,70
Text circle - flood fill black
Add a small gradient glow
E12 - place left
E3 - place at bottom
E46 - resize 45% position left
E43 - place at bottom
Image duplicate/flip
E2 - paste at bottom
Crop/resize as needed
Add you tube
Add proper copyright

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I found a template I made back in 2017, so I am sharing with you...enjoy and hope to see what you create with it.....thanks

You can get the template - HERE

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Pink - FTU

Scrapkit - Glamorous Collab by Amy is HERE
Tube - PUT from CDO - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
Open new image/800x800
Diamond scatter
Glitter swirl - position right
Frame9 - resize 90%
Grab freehand selection tool/add/none/feather is 0
Draw around the frame
Paste paper of choice/invert/delete/select none
Move paper under frame layer
Effects - Mura Meister Copies/encircle with 12, 50, 60
Position evenly on the frame
Heart6 - resize 20%
Chrome flower2 - resize 60%
Merge all visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cutest Ever - FTU

Scrapkit - Pinksplotion by Melissa - HERE
Template by Millie - HERE
Word art - at bottom
Tube - Maryline Cazenave at CDO - HERE
please leave a thank you when downloading freebies

Open template and delete copyright layer and word art
Image/canvas size 800x800
As always, I start at bottom and work up and DS as you go
I added a small gradient glow to each layer
1 - p13
2 - p17
3 - p1
4 - p8
5 - p2
6 - p4
Crop image
Canvas size 800x800
E43 - place into position
Paste tube where you would like
E12 on left
E26 - resize 60%
Merge visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Effects Forum Tag -

Images you will need are at bottom of this tutorial
If you use a tube, please make sure you use copyright information
Candle Mustard font - HERE

Open new image 600x250
Paste image 9 - resize 75%
New raster layer
Flood fill with #fbadce or color of choice
Effects - Artistic effects/balls and baubles with the following:

Effects/edge effects/enhance
Effects - Texture/antique mosaic glass at default
Drag to bottom
Click on top layer
Selection tool - rounded rectangle/add/feather is 20
Start left of canvas and across to right side
Click bottom layer and promote to selection
Click top layer and hit delete/select none
Click on your promote4d layer and type your saying
Apply small gradient glow
Merge all visible
New raster layer and flood fill with light color
Selections/modify/contract by 4/delete/select none
Add an inner bevel
Resize puzzle hearts by 35%
IF you are not animating, place the puzzle hearts and add your name
If using a tube, add proper copyright
Now to animate the hearts
Copy hearts as new in AS
Insert/image transition/zoom  (You now have 45 frames)
In psp, copy your image and paste into AS as new
Ctrl-L till you have 45 frames
Ctrl-A will select all
On your hearts, move your slider back to 1 and drag into position and let go
In psp - add your name and copy into AS as new
Ctrl-L till you have 45 frames
Ctrl-A will select all
Drag this and place on your puzzle hearts
View animation
If happy save
This sample I added my name to the puzzle hearts and copy merged into AS and applied same transition...use which ever one you like best

Images needed
Click on image and save

Friday, January 17, 2020

Floral- FTU

Scrapkit - Florality - HERE
Mask - #116 by Rachel - HERE
Tube - Caron Vinson - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
Open P12 - apply mask/merge group
Duplicate - merge visible
Leaves1 - position at bottom
Frame1 - resize 90%
Flowers - resize 60%
Branch - bottom
Duplicate/image/flip - position top
Ribbon eggs - image/free rotate/90 left
Flowers2 - position left
Butterflies - position a little top right
Flowers3 - resize 45%
Bird - resize 40%
Merge visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright