Saturday, March 28, 2020

Springtime Promise - FTU

Scrapkit - Springtime Promise by TTD - HERE
Template - SE102 - HERE
Tube - Dean Yeagle from CDO - HERE
Open template and delete copyright and white background
Remember to  DS as you go
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Image/canvas size/800x800
BG shape2 - p4
BG shape1 - p8
Frame fill - p9
Frame - add noise at 100/monchrome checked
Position your tube in the middle
Swirl2 - p5
Swirl1 - p3
E83 - resize 60% and place at bottom of frame
E26 - resize 60% and drag this down one layer and position a little to the right
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Monday, March 23, 2020

Lolita - FTU

Scrapkit - Summer Lolita by Tasha - HERE
Mask - last mask on page - HERE  (also a mask of choice)
Tube - Alicia Mujica - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
Open p5 -apply mask and merge group
Frame4 - resize 85%
Magic wand - add/none - click inside frame/modify/by2/invert/position tube and erase any at bottom of frame/select none
Bling - position bottom right of frame
Duplicate/image/mirror and position top left of frame
Palmtree - erase the trunk of the tree and position on bottom of frame
Hearts - resize 40%
Apples - resize 60%
Flowers - erase the stem
Click bottom layer and paste p3 and apply a mask of choice
Send to bottom
Merge all visible/crop/resize as needed

Thursday, March 5, 2020

White Horse - FTU

Scrapkit - White Callas by GoF - HERE
Template - 158 by Becky - HERE (scroll down to bundle 151-160)
Tube - Pinuptoon at CDO - HERE

Open template and delete copyright layer and heart layer
Image/canvas size/750x450
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Remember to DS as you go
E52-resize 70%
E49 - resize 70%
Rectangle2- p4
Strip3 - p1
Strip2- p2
Strip1 - p1 (with the lace edges) I used the lace on the strip
Rectangle1 - p3
Big flower top- p5
E31 - position at bottom
E50 - resize 70%
E72 - resize 80%
E71 - image/free rotate/right by 90
E18 - position a little to the right
E40- resize 70% and place to left
E1 - resize 70%
Open E27 - image/canvas size/800x800
Position the tube
Merge visible/resize70% and paste onto canvas
Position where you like
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Mardi Gras - PTU

Scrapkit - Mardi Gras  - HERE
Mask - #336 by Mizteeque - HERE
Tube - Lia - she is FTU -not sure where to get her tubes anymore
Open template and delete copyright, word art layers, and circle 4 & 5
Remember to DS as you go
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Image/canvas size/800x800
Raster 1 -  p8
apply mask/merge group
Merge shape 4 & 5 together - p5
Circle 2 & 3 - p3
Shape3 - p4
Merge shape 1 & 2 - effects/texture/weave at default
Circle- p2 resized by 40%
E120 - place face on circle and erase any outside the circle
E4 - resize 60%
E65 - place to right
E15 - place at bottom
E54 - place on left side
E19 - resize 45%
Crop/Merge visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Jump for Joy - FTU (using arithmetic)

Scrapkit - Strawberry Love - HERE
PaperHERE  (scroll down and get tagger size papers)
Mask -  #4 - HERE and a mask of choice
Tube - Polkadoodles - HERE 
Remember to DS as you go
Open p2 and your tube (do not resize tube)
Image/arithmetic - use the following:
Your paper is image 1 and tube is image 2
When you click ok, your image should look like this
Apply mask/merge group
Paste p22 and move under the arithmetic layer and apply mask of choice and merge group
E9 - resize 140% and place at bottom
Place your tube, resized as needed
E72 - position top left
E73 - top right
E2 - position bottom right/duplicate/image/mirror/flip and drag below E72
E24 - position left and drag down a few layers
Click top layer
E91 - position top and add small gradient glow of choice
E94 - position left some
E59 - position right
E21 - position left
Merge visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright
If you attempt this tut, please make a tag for me so I can display it with this tut....thanks

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Friends Forever _ FTU

Scrapkit - Early Spring by TTD - HERE
Template - #95 by Becky - HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube - PUT's from CDO- HERE  must have a license to use

Remember to DS as you go
Open template and delete copyright layer
Image/canvas size/800x800
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Click white background layer and paste p12/apply mask/merge group
E12 - duplicate/image/mirror/flip - place one at top and one at bottom
Rectangle4 - p11
Rectangle3 - p8
Rectangle2 - p4
Effects - texture effects/weave at default (change colors of weave to match tubes)
Strip2- p2
Friends - flood fill color of choice
Rectangle1 - p14
Strip1- p2
Forever - flood fill same color
Merge the last 4 layers together
Image/free rotate/left by 20 and position
L and R frame fill - flood fill with light color of choice
L and R frame - p13
Place your tubes
Click top layer
E51 - position on right
E50 - position tp the left some
E43 - resize 60% - image/free rotate/left by 90
E46 - resize 45%
E8 - resize 30%
Merge visible/resize if needed/add proper copyright

Kathyfrances used a different scrapkit….love this creation

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Old School Rainbo (Heavy Effects)

Tube - Robert Alvarado (I used 2 tubes) You can get his tubes - HERE
Plug-ins: EC5, Xero, AAA Frames, and Mura Mesiter Copies
Elements of choice

Open new image 800x650
Place close up image
Effects - Mura meister/copies/wallpaper at default
Effect - EC5 - texture noise/crinkled noise at default
Effects - AAA frames-foto frame at default
Selection tool/rounded rectangle/feather at 5
Draw your selection around the center face in the square only/promote selection to layer/select none
Click back on your foto frame layer and do it again
Image/flip/merge down
Staying on this layer
Grab selection tool/rectangle/no feather and draw your selection around the square/promote selection to layer
Effect - texture/antique mosaic with the following
Select none
Click on promoted layer and add a gradient glow of your choice
I used EC5 - impact/gradient glow with following settings;
Settings - click on baby glow
Click bottom layer and add same glow

Click top layer
Effect - xero/nostalgia with following settings;
Use same EC5 gradient glow
Layer properties/luminance legacy at default
Decorate a little
Merge visible and resize as needed/add proper copyright
If you attempt this tutorial, please let me see