Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sea - FTU (Quick and easy)

Scrapkit - Sea Breese - HERE
Tube - E Rzhevskii with PFD - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
P3 - resize 35%
Apply mask/merge group
Duplicate a few times to get the darkness you want
Cluster7 - resize 35%
Grab freehand selection tool and draw around the frame/invert
E128 - resize 25%
E161 -resize 40%
Position your tube
Crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Friday, July 31, 2020

Forum Style - Pink

Scrapkit - sparkles from any kit
Plug-Ins : Medhi
Tube - Toria at CDO - HERE

Open transparent image 600x250
Make a gradient using colors from your tube with:
Linear/angle 200/repeats 3
Flood fill canvas
On this image Medhi - vibrations with the following (make sure you change colors to match tube)

Layer properties - opacity at 60
Duplicate this image
Medhi - melt at default
Layer properties opacity 30
Place close up of tube - layer properties to overlay
Place your sparkles
Place your tube
If doing avatar - 150x150
Merge visible
New raster and flood fill with gradient
Selections/all/modify/contract by 6/ hit delete on keyboard
Add an inner bevel or glass to your border
Add proper copyright

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

World off - PTU

Scrapkit - Cozy Garden by TTD - HERE
TemplateHERE (thanks, Rosey!)
Tube - Vadis with PFD - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer and raster 14
Position your close up tube in the 3 frames as you see fit-adjust hue/saturation to 0
Layer properties of the tubes - luminance legacy
Resize template by 90%
As usual, I start at the bottom and work my way up
Remember to DS as you go
Paper of choice/add mask of choice
Merge raster 9 together - p12
Raster2 - p2
Merge raster 6 together - p4
Merge raster 7 together- p6
Raster3 - flood fill with color of tube
Eye Candy 4000 - chrome/use silver
Raster 13 - flood fill with a color of choice
E6 - resize 80%
Raster 12 - p13
Raster 15, 17, & 11 - p7
Raster 18 - I added a color and small gradient glow
Frames - flood fill with color of choice
Add an inner bevel
Canvas size 800x800
Flood fill the stars
E29 - resize 60%
Image/free rotate/right/90
E6 - resize 60% 
E64 - resize 30%
Image/free rotate/right/90
E58 - resize 30%
E44 - resize 40%
E55 - resize 35%
Add tube
E134 - resize 30% and position behind tube
E8 - resize 25%
Resize image as needed/add proper copyright - would love to see what you come up with

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Summer Forum - FTU

Scrapkit by Dee - HERE
Tube - Elias - I bought when he was with PTE - you can now find him - HERE

Open new image 600x250
Remember to DS as you go
Adjust blur/gaussian at 5
Crop image
Effects/texture effects/antique mosaic with the following settings:
Effects/reflection/kaleidoscope/ with the following:

Layer properties/screen
Grab your selection tool/rounded rectangle/add/shift/feather 10
Promote selection to layer
Layer properties.screen
Add a gradient glow
Position tube
Effects/mura meister/line rotate at 8
E21 - paste behind tube
E46 - resize 40%
Merge all visible
Add new raster layer and flood fill with a color
Selections/all/modify/contract by 5/delete on keyboard/select none
Add noise or just a bevel to this
Add proper copyright
For the avatar:
I resized my image by 60% and just placed the image in a 150x150
Added the border as above

Monday, July 13, 2020

Rainbo - FTU

Scrapkit - Rainbow by MizT - HERE (scroll down to row 30)
Mask - choice
Tube - FTU by Marilyn Allen - HERE ( they are still working on their new website)

Remember to DS as you go
E16 - resize 80%
Image/canvas size800x800
P2 - send to bottom/add mask/merge group
Grab magic wand and click inside e16 -modify/expand by 4/invert/delete
Drag this layer down under frame
E21 - position right side
E11 - paste left side
E13 - drag below E16
E6 - resize 60%
E8 - resize 45%
E14 - resize 60%/duplicate
On copy - Image/free rotate/left 90 and position under the flower
E12 - resize 45%
E22,23,24 - resize 30%
E14 - position the buttons/merge visible and position
E27 - resize 30%
Image/free rotate/left 20
Position tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright
Some friends from ATP made these for me



Tuesday, June 30, 2020

USA - Forum Style

Scrapkit - BBD - HERE
Tube - Jose Cano - need a license to use - HERE
As always, I work from the bottom up
I work the template and avatar at same time
Background - p1
DSB Flux  - mosaic ripple/mosaic 20/ripple 200
Triangles middle - flood fill white
Triangle right - flood fill blue
Triangle left - flood fill red
Place close up tube
Xero - porcelain - all sliders to the left
Layer properties - hard light - opacity at 80%
Merge the black layers together and add p6
Add a thin red gradient glow
Merge grey to layers together and add same p
Add thin blue gradient glow
Inner border - flood fill blue
Outer border flood fill red
E16- resize 30%
Word art04 - resize20% - I added a blue and white thin gradient glow
Crop/add proper copyright

Monday, June 29, 2020

American Girl - FTU

Scrapkit - All American Girl by Sylly - HERE
Mask - Mask by Sylly - HERE  (I used the first one)
Tube - Pinuptoons with CDO - HERE
Remember to leave a thanks when downloading
As usual, use DS as you go

Open p5 and apply mask/merge group
Frame9 - resize 85%
Magic wand - click inside-selections/modify/4/P8/selections/invert/delete/select none
Bow2 - resize 45%
E2 - resize 40%
Flower1 - resize 35%
Fireworks -resize 60%
Calendar - resize 40%
Drink2 - resize 40%
Drink3-resize 45%
Ribbon2 - resize40%
Fingers - resize 35%
Place you tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright