Friday, July 19, 2019

EFR Collab Kit

So, over in Escape from Reality forum....a bunch of us made a kit with lots of elements, masks, word art etc...weare an awesome group with lots of talent!!! Here is the kit preview...(if you want to join, you can do so HERE


Here is a basic mask...hope you can use this and if you do...would love to see what you make with it!!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Believe in Steampunk - PTU

Scrapkit - Believe in Steampunk by Bella - HERE
Template - Becky #138 (scroll down a bit) - HERE
Tube - BC Bear3 from Bella - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer and white background layer
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Remember to DS as you go
We will be skipping the shadow layers, you may delete if you like
Lg circle pair - p6
Huge circle - E57
Merge medium circles together - p9
Med circle left frame & small circle - flood fill color of choice
Lg circle upper right and left- p8
Frame fill - p9
Add tube and erase any outside the frame fill
Layer properties - lighten or what you think looks best with tube you are using
Frame - p1
Left dot circle & center dot circle - p1
Sm right dot bg - p1
Sm right dot - p9
Dark dot group - p5
Adjust/add-remove noise/add at 100 gaussian
Lets crop and image/canvas size 700x700
E48 - send to bottom
E68 - position top/duplicate/flip
Click frame fill layer
E23 - drag down below this layer
Click top layer
E26 - resize 80% and position
E88 - resize 40% and place under E26
E33 - resize 30%
E16 - resize 25%
E45 - resize 40%
Position your tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Friday, July 5, 2019

Plunder - FTU (quick and easy)

Scrapkit - Plunder Island Blog Train - HERE
Template - Same link as scrapkit
Mask - 3rd mask down - HERE
Tube - Arthur Crowe - HERE
Remember to DS as you go
Open p5 and apply mask/merge group/duplicate/merge down
Place your tube
Place E39 to left of tube
Place E4
Place E35
Place E37 to right behind tube
Place E29 - resize 60%
E32 - resize 60% and place behind tube
Merge all visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Friday, June 28, 2019


Scrapkit - USA 4th - HERE
TemplateHERE (#80 by Leah)
Tube - Luiza from PFD - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer and rect6
I always start at bottom and work up
You can DS as you go
Image/canvas size/700x700
Square2 - p12
Square1 - p1
Circle - p6
Rect5 - p12
Rect4 - p1
Rect2&3 - flood fill respectively with the blue and red of the papers used
Word Art - flood fill with the red
USA - flood fill with your blue
Rockets 1&2 - resize 45% - drag below your rect 2&3
Rockets1 - mirror
Deco1 - resize 60% - erase any showing at bottom
Circledeco1 - resize 80% and send to bottom
Bow 4&5 - resize 20%
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sassy - TTL Exclusive

I was made Member of the Year in The Taggers is an honor and a privilege they have so graciously bestowed upon me. Thanks again to TTL for this awesome title. This kit, tube and template were made for this honor. You can get these by participating in the forum.

Scrapkit - Sassy Fairy - HERE
Template - by Tika - HERE
Tube - Pammers Tube by Queen Uriel - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layers
Pull word art layer to top and center on raster 1
As always, I work from top to bottom
DS as you go
Blue circle - Adjust/add noise/100/gaussian
Purple circle - p10
White stripes - p6
Raster1 - p6 - layer properties to 55
Word Art - add some noise
Add light gradient glow
Crop/canvas size 700x700
E50 - place layer below word art
E29 - resize 45%
E39 - edge effects/enhance more ( or what you feel is best)
E10 - resize 40%
E43 - resize 30% - Image/free rotate/right/20
Place tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright
**If you try this tut, please leave me a link or in my forums, please post me a pic...thanks

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Scrapkit - Marlene by TTD - HERE
Template - #80 by Melissa - HERE (please leave a ty)
Tube - Marilyn Allen - FTU tube HERE
Animation - by Simone HERE (#73)
USA - found at bottom of this tut
As always, DS as you go. I start at bottom and work up.
Open template and delete copyright layer
Image/canvas size/800x800
If you want to animate, add new raster layer and flood fill with white and send to bottom
Dark circle - p3
Light circle - p23
E154 - paste/duplicate/image/mirror/flip and position
Rectangle - p9
Rectangle frame - p8
Squares - p22
Swirls - p10
Square frames - p1
Small top circle - p10
Position USA
Position tube
E68 - resize 30%
E85 - resize 30%
E17 - resize 25%
Crop/resize/add proper copyright
If not animating, go ahead and save as png
Open AS
Merge bottom 3 layers together
Click image/copy
In AS click as new animation
Ctrl and L 15more times for a total of 16
Edit/select all
Open ani 73
Edit/select all
Drag ani over to psp image and position near top of circles/let go
Click on ani and hit undo
Drag ani over to bottom of frames/let go
Back in psp
Hide this layer and merge the other layers visible
Click this layer and copy
In AS, paste as new animation and duplicate 15 more times for a total of 16
Drag this over on top of your image and position
View ani and if happy, save