Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jeepers Creepers - FTU

Scrapkit - by Mizteeque HERE Jeepers Creepers
Template - by Mizteeque #4 HERE
Tube - Vi Nina - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer and white background
As always, DS as you go and I start at bottom and work up
P19 - apply mask 1 from kit/merge group
Doodle - p4
Rectangle back - flood fill with black
Rectangles - using your magic wand, click the top and bottom rectangle and add p14/selections/invert/delete/select none
Use p12 for the middle rectangle
Lrg square back - flood fill with black
Lrg square - p10
Sm square back - flood fill with black
Sm square - p25
Image/canvas size 800x800
Paste tube of choice
E64 - drag down one layer and free rotate left by 20 and position
E27- resize 35% and place top of web
E52 - resize 30%
E40 - resize 30%
E20- duplicate - on one image/free rotate left 90 and the other rotate right by 90 and then position as you see fit
E72 - resize 45%- add a gradient glow of choice
Merge visible/crop/resize if needed and add proper copyright

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mischief Makers - FTU

Scrapkit- Hamleta Halloween by Clarez - HERE
Template - 422 by Missy - HERE
Tubes - Joel Adams - HERE
Open template and delete copyright layer, rectangle layer, and "misfit"
Remember to DS as you go
Image/canvas size/800x800
I always start at the bottom and work my way up
Halftone shape - flood fill black
Circle1 - p2
Circle2 - p20
Perspective rectangle - merge these together - p3
Move raster2 up a bit
Mischief (in pink) flood fill with black
Position your tubes as you think fits best
HH28-  place behind "mischief"
HH08 - free rotated r/90 and drag below "makers"
HH10 - resize 60%
HH16 - resize 60%
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

WickedNight- FTU

Scrapkit - Wicked Night by Jen - HERE
Word art - at end of this tut
Tube - Keith Garvey at CDO HERE

Open template and delete top 2 layers and word art (layers 27,28, 25,24)
Remember to DS as you go
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Layer 1 & 3 - p2
Layer 5 & 7 - flood fill with #b15e40
Effects- dot at default
Layer 9 & 11 and 17 & 19 - p5 - add a small glow
Layer 13 & 15 - E35 - resized 45% - add a small glow
Layer 21 - flood fill white
Layer 22 - p1
Layer 23 & 26 - p3 - add same small glow
Layer 29 - flood fill white
Layer 30 - flood fill with #b15e40
Paste word art and add same small glow
Image/canvas size 800x800
Position your tube
E45 - resize 60%
E30- resize 50%
Delete white background/merge visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Magic - FTU

Scrapkit – Magic by TADD - HERE
Template - #102 by Becky - HERE
Mask -#35 - HERE
Tube – Hechicera by Hunter – you can find her HERE  
WordArt - by me HERE
Open template and delete top 2 layers and strip layer
I always start at bottom and work my way up
Remember to DS as you go
Image/rotate left
Image/canvas size 800x800
Paste p9 – applymask and merge group
Rectangle1 – p4
Rectangle2 – p8
Rectangle1- E20 (resize E to 120)
Frame fill – E15 (use this like a paper but don't delete)
Frame fill-paste close up of tube and erase any outside the frame fill
Effect-Texture/using drop down arrow – apply hatch line
Layer properties – luminance legacy with opacity at 50
E2 – paste onto canvas and move to bottom right hand corner
E63 – resize 40% and place top right corner
E34 – place bottom of template/duplicate/image mirror and drag this down belowE2
Resize tube as needed and place left side of template
E28-resize60% and place left side of book
E12- position top of template
E19 – resize 60% and place next to E2
Place word art to the right of the tube and lower opacity to 60
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed and add proper copyright

Love these takes on my tut from friends at Escape From Reality

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Autumn- FTU (quick and easy)

Scrapkit - Autumn Magic by Lynx - HERE
Mask - the first one HERE
Remember to DS as you go

Open p3 - apply mask/merge group
FRame3 - resize 140% and paste on cavass
Owl - place center of frame 3
Creepingvine - place top right of frame corner and drag below the owl
Falling leaves - place right side of frame
Click top layer
Butterfly floral - place left side of frame
Autumn word art - position at bottom of frame
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed

My friend, Kitt, made this
Brenda made this
Kelli came up with this beauty