Monday, September 24, 2018

Autumn Spice - FTU

Scrapkit - Clarez kit called "Scarecrow" HERE
Template - by Millie HERE
Mask - choice
Effect - Eye Candy 4000
Tube - Trinita at PFD HERE

Open template and delete copyright layer and word art layers
Image/canvas size/800x800
Resize papers used by 120%
Paste p10 and resize 140%...apply mask of choice/merge group
Merge 1& 2 together
Merge 3 & 4 together - p9
Merge 5 & 6 together - p11
E02 - resize 80% and place over 5 & 6
Crop image
7 - p6
Merge 8 & 9 - p10
Merge 10 & 11 - p1
E42 - resize by 75%
E30 - resize 45%
EC - gradient glow/default/color of you choice
Add tube
Merge all visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hoodie Weather - FTU

Scrap - Mizteeque's "Fallin for Autumn" -HERE (11th row down) - please leave a thanks
TemplateHERE (4th one down)
Mask - Mizteeque's #194 - HERE
Tube - PUT at CDO - HERE
Open template
DS as you go
Image/canvas size/750x750
Delete white background layer and hoodie gradient layer
Starting at bottom and working way up
P15 - apply mask/merge group - duplicate/merge down
E39 - image/mirror
dark green  - p8
Light green - p9...move the paper a little
E38 - resize 40% /duplicate/image mirror
Skinny yellow rect - flood fill with color of choice
Orange circles - skip
Light yellow rect - p6
Big orange circle - flood fill same color as skinny rectangle
Vertical orange horizontal - p2
Vertical yellow - p1
Big dark green rect - p14
Light yellow rect - flood fill with color of choice
Dark yellow rect - p6
Light green rect - p7
I left the rest of the layers as is...feel free to do what you want
I cropped the image
Paste tube
E5 - resize 35% and place
E3 - resize 60%
E18 - resize 50% - send down one layer
E33 - resize 20% - right click layer/arrange/bring to top
E2 - place in position and drag below tube layer
E1 - resize 60% and place on top of e2
E50 - 35%
E76 - resize 40%
E59 - resize 20%
Make sure word art are the top layers....flood fill "hoodie" with color of choice and position where yo u want it
Merge visible, resize as needed, add proper copyright

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Love Halloween - PTU

Scrap kit -  Oct 31 by TTD - HERE
Template - Forum style- HERE
Tube - Zlata_M from PFD - HERE
Effrct - Alien Skin Xenofex2 - Lightning
Remember to ds as you go
Open template and delete copyright layer
Add new raster layer/send to bottom/flood fill with white
Going to start with your tube
Place your tube in the center heart - click inside the heart outline with your magic wand/invert/erase any outside of the outline
Change all the red borders to orange - I used p1...don't forget to add noise..your choice
Click background layer and use p3
White stripes - flood fill with black and name ani
White hearts - p12
E121 - place in left heart - small glow
E34 - resize 30% - small glow
Crop your tag and place proper copyright
Animate - open AS
On your ani layer use lightning
Click setting tabs and click distant lightning default
Right click image/copy merged
AS - paste as new animation
Back to image- undo
lightning - hit random seed one time
Right click image/copy merged
AS - click image and paste AFTER current frame
Repeat this step 4 more times
In edit/select all
Now click the animation tab/frame properties and change it to 25...view and save
For the avatar-I used p1 for the heart frame, I used the paper heart from the image, and the tube from the image. I also made the bats smaller....make sure to add copyright

Monday, September 10, 2018


Scrapkit - BCA 2014 by TTD - HERE
Template - Template 8 - HERE
Mask - your choice
Tube - "Survivor" from Zindy -  HERE
Open template and delete copyright, flowers, and word art layers and resize 85%
Hide white background or delete
As always, I start at the bottom and work my way up. Remember to ds as you go
E108 - position a little to the right
E - 20-32 place into different frames
Click inside each of these frame - selections/modify/expand by 10/invert/delete each one
P6 - resize 110%
Click on your frames layer/selections/all/float/defloat/invert/p6/delete
Doodles - p27 - resize 110%
At this point. crop and resize 90%
Image/canvas size/700x700
P29 - apply mask/merge group and paste onto template- send to bottom
E10 - resize 40%
E42 - resize 30% and position on frames as you like
E6 - resize 40% - position/duplicate/image/mirror
E33 - resize 50% and place behind e6
Place your tube
Merge visible/resize if needed/place proper copyright

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Wallpaper for CDO

So, I was playing in the CDO BBQ event and participated in Day 3 and created this wallpaper....
Artist - Pinuptoons
Scrap LHD_IB-CartoonPink-43-1
Please feel free to snag HERE and maybe leave a small thanks

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pumpkin - PTU

Scrapkit - Oct31 - Tiny Turtle Designs - HERE
Mask - of choice
Tube - Pinuptoons (3 tubes)  - HERE
Effects - xero - serious fog
DS as you go

Open new image 800x800
P12 - apply mask of choice/merge group
E25 - resize 60% and place on canvas and duplicate - position as mine
E17 - paste onto canvas behind the frames - position this at your bottom right frame.....duplicate/image/mirror and place in position in your top left frame
E34 - resize 40%
Grab your magic wand and click inside each of the frames/selections/modify/expand by 3
P20/invert/delete and drag below frames
Grab your close up and paste onto canvas and position below the frame top left....erase any outside the frame
Do the same for your bottom right frame
Now, on these close ups do the following:
Effect - Xero - serious fog with the following settings:
In your layer palette - use your properties and set to luminance legacy
Paste main tube
E18 - resize 65%
E8 - resize 40%
E2 - resize 30% and place outer corner of frame/duplicate/image/mirror and place top left corner of left frame
E38 - resize 30%
E9 - paste on frame and tube....duplicate/image mirror/place on other frame- layer properties opacity at 30 on both
E1 - paste onto canvas a drag layer below bats
E92 - resize 30% and place behind tube
Merge visible/crop/resize as needed and add proper copyright

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Steampunk Elegance - FTU

Scrapkit - Steampunk Elegance (2nd one down) here
Mask- Kisses n Dreams mask HERE #3
Tube -  Myka Jelina  - got this when she sold with CILM...I think you can find her work HERE
Effects - Mura Meister/copies
Please leave a thank you when downloading
Use proper copyright
DS as you go along
P 6- apply mask merge group
Frame1 - resize 80%
Grab magic wand and click inside frame/selections/modify/expand by 2/paste p10/invert/delete and drag below the frame
adjust/blur/gaussian at 4
Pin - resize 30% -position
Effects - Mura Meister Copies/encircle/ with following settings:
Paste tube and position as you want
Watch - resize 60% - position and erase as needed to attach to wire
Gear stack - resize 70% - position and drag below tube layer
Jewelry box - resize 30%
Glitter - place at bottom
Heart - resize 60% - drag below tube layer
Compass - resize 60% and place same as heart
Deco3 - resize 70%
Hat - resize 45% and drag below tube layer
Bow - resize 30%
Merge all visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Autumn Spice - FTU

Scrapkit - Clarez kit called "Scarecrow"  HERE Template - by Millie  HERE Mask - choice Effect - Eye Candy 4000 Tube ...