Sunday, January 21, 2018

Embellishment tutorial

Embellishments by Bev - HERE  click on the image Burnished Heart Collection
Template 22 by Melissa - HERE
Tube - A. Vanhek from SnCo - HERE
Effects - Alien Skin Xenofex,, and Xero
Open template and delete top 11 layers and white background
DS as you go
Image/canvas size/700x700
Embellishment 6 - resize by 37% and again by 50% - drag to bottom/duplicate/image/mirror/flip
Swirly bg - flood fill black
Swirly - embellishment 3 - resize 32%
Rectangle 3 - flood fill white
Selections/select all./modify/expand by 3/add new raster layer and flood fill black and drag under white layer
Embellishment 1 - resize 25% and then again 5%
Rectangle 2 bg - flood fill black
Rectangle 2 - flood fill with red
Effects - Alien Skin xenofex/constellation/ with the following settings:

Make a gradient with red and black/linear/angle 30/repeats 6
Rectangle 1 - flood fill with gradient
Effects - Penta/jeans at default
Place close up, positioned as you like
Effects - Xero/radiance/default
Layer properties of tube set to soft light or whatever makes your tube look best
Embellishment 4 - resize 47% and then again 55%
Embellishment 5 - resize 5%
Paste tube I used xero-porcelain with the red slider...that is your choice
crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright and you are done

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hot - FTU

Scrapkit - Sweetheart by Amy Marie HERE
TemplateHERE  by Chantal
Tube - Rzhevskii with PFD   HERE
Effects: Xero fritillary, Tramages - tow the line
Open template and delete copyright, layers 9, and 13
I always start at bottom - you can ds as you go
Leave the word art layers as is
Merge layer 1 & 2 together and position at bottom of tag
I changed the color on p3 to match a color from the tube....I went to adjust/hue saturation to 235, 255
layer16 - p4
layer12 - xero - fritillary/settings 5, 30, 100, 30
layer8 - p2
layer6 - effects - tramages/tow the line/default
layer5 - p3
E19 - position lh side
Resize and place tube in center
E31 - resize 85%
E39 - place to rh side of tube
E33 - place rh side of tube
E30 - resize 45%
E24 - resize 45%
E46 - resize 60%
E9 - resize 30%
E12 - resize 30% - image/mirror
Crop tag/merge visible/resize as needed and add proper copyright

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Winter - FTU

Tube - Alex Prihodko with PFD HERE
Add a DS of choice as you go
Open p10 - apply mask/merge group
Frame2 - grab your magic wand and click inside both frames and add p7
top frame paste close up of tube
Effects - Xero/soft mood/default
For the other part....make it look like your tube is coming out of the frame
Merge and crop frame2 and resize 90%
Paste onto mask layer
E20 - flip and put behind frame layer
E20 - resize 70% and place as shown (flip back)
E26 - resize 50% - paste then free rotate/right/by 20
E13 - resize 35% - duplicate/flip and position again
Crop tag/resize/merge visible/add proper copyright

Bev at TTL made this

Thursday, January 4, 2018

3 Piece Tag Set - FTU

Scrapkit - Alice by MizTeeque HERE
Template 90 by MizTeeque - HERE  Scroll down a bit
Tube - VeryMany - HERE

Delete copyrights on all 3 templates andd raster 3 on big template...I always start with bottom layer
Remember to DS when you want
Working on big template -
Canvas size 900x900
Paste p8 and apply mask of choice
raster1 - flood fill black
Adjust/add noise - your choice
Raster2 - p6
Raster4 - flood fill black and add noise
Raster5 - fill with color of tube
Effect - tramages/marble madness with following settings:

Raster6 - change words to red and do the same for the other pixel words
Raster8 - flood fill black and adjust/add noise
Raster9 - flood fill with color from tube
Effects - tow the line - control at 40
Paste tube
E17 - resize 80%
E26 - resize 60%
E9 - resize 10% - place on word and free rotate left by 10
E11 - resize 35%
E6 - resize 50%
E33 - resize 35%
Merge your word arts together if you want to move them down a bit
Crop/resize/merge visible/add proper copyright
Now on to 90b - the big word art
Paste p8 and add same mask - make sure mask is checked fit to layer
Raster1 - flood fill with  color from tube
Add same tramages effect as used above
E6 - same size as for tag
Resize your tube and paste onto left side of frame
Effects - mura meister/copies - line - top number at 8
Click on the  "white" delicious all/float/defloat/invert and hit delete on keyboard
Place E33 & E26
Crop/merge all visible
Add new layer and fill with black
Select all/float/modify/contract by 5 and hit delete on keyboard
Adjust/add noise
Add proper copyright
Raster1 - fill with black and adjust/add noise
Raster2 - same color from your tube
Paste tube and delete any outside the blue square
Crop/add proper copyright

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pink Winter - FTU

Scrapkit - Santa Baby - HERE  (last kit)
Template by Millie - 732 - HERE
Tube - VeryMany - HERE
Effects used - EC4000
Open template and delete copyright layer and layers 12 & 13
Starting at  bottom and working up
DS as you go
1&2  - P2
3&4 - P4
5&6 - P5
7&8 - P10
Effects - EC4000 - glass/default/change color to pink
Place mask
Place swirl
 9 - p10
 11 - p9
14 - flood fill with dark pink
15 - flood fill with white
Repeat for the other words
Sprinkles - place right side/duplicate/image/mirror
Place tube
Skinny tree
Lace - resize 70% and rotate right
Light string
Branch1 - resize 50%
Ornament3 - resize 60% - free rotate right 20
Pinecone - resize 60% - image/mirror
Ornament1 - resize 50%
Ornament2 - resize 60% - free rotate left 20
Poinsettia - resize 45%
Merge visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright

Monday, December 11, 2017

Blue - FTU

ScrapkitHERE  Zero Degrees
Mask - choice
Tube -  PUT - HERE  (I colorized my tube to match the blue)

P17 - apply mask/merge group
ZD13 - paste to canvas
ZD47 - paste onto canvas
ZD17 - resize 150% and paste onto canvas - centered
ZD26 - resize 80% and paste far right of frame
ZD19 - resize 85% and place bottom of frame
Paste your tube like she is coming out from behind the tree
ZD46 - resize 25% - place string part on blue button on zd13 to the left
ZD45 - resize 60% - place over the blue button
ZD10 - resize 50% and place left over end of zd19
Merge all visible/crop/resize/add proper copyright

Monday, December 4, 2017

Winter Kiss

Scrapkit - Rennie's Winter ... HERE
Template SE51 - HERE
Tube - Alex Prihodko at PFD ...  HERE
Effects used - Xero and Penta
Open template and delete credits, all 4 layers of the word "happy",  all of snowman, toboggan, snowflakes, and big square layers
Starting at bottom and working up
Circle fill - p5
Circle - p26
Adjust/add-remove noise/add noise/100%/uniform
L Frame fill - p7
Skip L frame bg
L Frame - p26...same effect
R frame fill - p1
Skip R frame  bg
R frame - repeat effect in L frame
Place full size of tube R frame fill - delete excess
On this layer -
Effects/Xero/soft mood at default
Layer palette - use hardlight/opacity is 50
Repeat the same for the L frame fill
Fill the word "winter" with a color from your tube
I filled a new layer for the word and then selections/all/modify/contract by 5/new raster layer and fill with a different color
On original, I added noise and the next layer I used Xero/frittilary
E44 - resize 60%
E69 - resize 80%
E45 - resize 67%
E33 - resize 45%
E52 - resize 35% - duplicate/image/mirror
E32 - resize 60%
E60 - resize 35%
E60 - resize another 80% and mirror
E37 - resize 15% and randomly place around your tag
merge visible/crop tag/resize/delete white background/add proper copyright

Embellishment tutorial

Embellishments by Bev -  HERE   click on the image Burnished Heart Collection Template 22 by Melissa -  HERE Tube - A. Vanhek from S...