Thursday, November 26, 2020

Forum Winter


Scrap - A Fairy Christmas - HERE

Template by Spawn - #120 HERE (I got permission from him to load this template to my box for this tut)

You can find his awesome creations - HERE......he also has masks and such...thanks again, Dave, for letting me load the template

Tube - Ellie Milk with PFD - HERE


Remember to DS as you go

I always start at bottom and work my way up

Delete copyright layer

Main background - p2

Snowflake3 - resize 80%

Mura meister copies/encircle

Background circles - p3

Circle backgrounds - p1

Ccircle borders - flood fill with dark color from main background

Adjust/add noise/100%/gaussian

Flower3 - resize 35%



Image/canvas size/800x800

Click on main background paper

Selections/float/modify/expand by 40

New raster layer/flood fill with same color

Effects/texture/wet leaves with the following:

move to bottom

Position tube - erase any outside


Deco cluster - resize 60%


Deco ribbon

Bow2 - resize 30% - position left corner

Image/free rotate/left/20


Merge visible/crop/resize if needed/add proper copyright

Deco ribbon

Merge all visible/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Christmas Snow - FTU

 Scrapkit - Kathy's Farmhouse Christmas - HERE

Mask - your choice

Tube - @Jenny with Elegance Fly - HERE (Must have license to use)


Remember to DS as you go

New image/800x800

P6 - apply mask/merge group



E96 - resize by 80%


E73 - resize by 45%

E72 - resize by 60% - move down one layer

E87 - resize 60%

Position tube where it suits you

Merge visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Christmas Forum - FTU


Scrapkit - Farmhouse Christmas - HERE  Thanks so much, Kathy!!

MaskHERE 4th one down

Tube - Simona Candini with CDO (must have license#) - HERE


Open new image 600x250

Remember to DS as you go


Effects - texture effects/antique mosaic at default

Paste tube

Mura Meister - copies/line random rotate at default


Apply mask/merge group (I resized the mask by 70% before applying)

Layer properties to screen

E50- layer properties to overlay

E34 - resize 80%

E88 - duplicate/mirror

Merge all visible

Foto frame - go to drop down menu frame presets and click on black and red

Image/canvas size/725x300

P6 - drag down

Position tube

E90 - resize 35%

Merge all visible

Crop/add proper copyright

Thursday, November 12, 2020

PREVIEW of Blog Train

 On December 7th - The Taggers Lounge Christmas Blog Train Departs.....this is our color scheme

Mint Christmas

You won't want to miss it. I will be supplying masks, a template, and a cluster

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Template #5

 A new template my Granddaughter helped me create

You can download this - HERE

Yay!!! Kittie made this awesome tag with this template

Artic - PTU


Scrapkit - Artic Berry by KBK - HERE  (it's on sale for 65cents)

MaskHERE  (As this site has so many pages of masks, the one I used is provided end of tut)

Tube - Martin Abel (mine is from CILM)  you can get his tubes - HERE


Remember to DS as you go

Open p12 and apply mask/merge group



Erase any of E54 outside the frame

Position tube - if needed, erase any outside the frame

E110 - drag down below mask layer

Click top layer

E109 - resize 70% and erase stem


E49 - resize 45% 

The next few elements you will have to arrange as you see fit

E140 - resize 30%

E36 - resize 30%

E86 - resize 40%

E41 - resize 25%

E105 - resize 40%

E28 - resize 30%

Click top layer

E101 - erase the top right ball - resize 45%

Merge all visible/crop/resize as needed/add proper copyright

Wally has got some mojo!!!

Winter Stillness - FTU (created as a mystery tut)


Scrapkit - WinterQueen by GoF - HERE (download link is bottom left)

Mask - Toxic Desire - HERE (use the 2nd one down)

Tube -  None


Remember to DS as you go

P5 - apply mask/merge group

E158 (place bottom of mask, a little to the left)


Merge together and drag down below mask layer (so it looks like part of the mask)

E202 - resize 60% and place right side on E158

E163 - resize 60% and place left side at bottom


E134 (move a little to the left)

E160 - resize 45% (place in middle of E163)

E145 - place on canvas and position as you think best (I put mine in the middle and down one layer)

Merge visible/crop/resize as needed. since we didn't use a tube, please put kit name and

 My friends at EFR came up with these stunners


Brenda created this beauty
Wendy created this beauty
Another stunner by Judyann

Miss Design